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A little cleanup

October 13, 2014

My fabric stash has gotten out of control, not in terms of volume, but in terms of organization.

My most used fabrics, batiks, were in closed bins where I couldn’t see them. My commercial cottons were on the shelves, almost falling off.

This morning, when I got into the studio, I decided I just couldn’t work in that chaos any longer. Actually, I have been thinking of it for a while, but didn’t feel I had the time to work on it. Today I took the time.

Partway through, it was looking like this, which is why I never do this when DH is home. Notice the pup on the floor sleeping.? He was totally worn out by then!


Believe it or not, that was progress! And almost overwhelming for me. But I slugged on, sorting, refolding as necessary, and sorting.

At the end of the day, the studio is more organized and I can feel the thoughts and ideas starting to percolate.

This unit holds backgrounds, black and whites, flatfold yardages, and all my batiks:


The wire shelving holds all my commercial cottons, except yellows and novelty that are still in their original place over the computer desk:


And best of all, my cutting table and embroidery machine are both dug out and ready for use:


So, with the inspiration of last weeks show, an organized work area and a week to spend in the studio with only 1 trip into town planned, let the quilting resime!

If you can ‘t quilt….

July 15, 2014

While I’m waiting on parts for my longarm, I am making some progress on personal projects.

What were originally going to be square placemats are now a seasonal quilt top:


And of course with the Tour DeFleece still going on over at Ravelry, there’s always spinning to do. These are ready to ply:


And these batts are going to be started tonight:


Or there’s garment sewing to do:


And if all else fails, I can always watch a silly kitten make her way around the house slowly conquering all sorts of mountains and climbing apparatus:



Or collect some eggs:

Or walk the yard and look at the flowers:


But what I really want to do is go back to work quilting! Maybe tomorrow…..

Coming off the longarm today

July 9, 2014

Backside of the quilt coming off the frame today:



Let’s talk trouble!

July 2, 2014

Let’s talk about troubles of the longarm kind. I started having trouble with my thread while I was quilting, nothing major, just bits of troubles. Only certain threads would run nicely. Thread breaks more frequently than I thought I should have, the little everyday irritating stuff.

Earlier today I reached my breaking point and decided to call a friend for help and then walk away. After walking away, my mind kept going over and over all these little irritations and decided it had to be something in the tensioner or pigtail. And while the pigtail did have a slight wear slot in it, not enough to cause all the irritants.

Now before I go farther, you have to understand, I clean my machine regularly! But I decided to tear apart the tensioner in the off chance the felt pads were dirty. They weren’t. What I did find was a check spring as flexible as a slinky toy. And a bunch of gunk on the shaft.


Once they were changed and cleaned it runs beautifully.

Moral of the story, when I do my annual clean of the motor brushes, I’ll check the internal parts of the tensioner from now on too! Apparently they don’t last forever. Thankfully I had spare parts on hand and have now ordered another set of felt pads and springs to have just in case.

Unexpected blossoms

July 1, 2014

I thought my trumpet vine was long dead as it hadn’t bloomed in a couple years.

This morning I looked out the window and saw it was alive and well.


I also hadn’t seen the Queen Anne’s Lace blooming last year.


Apparently our rainy season combined with warm temps are exactly what was needed to bring some unexpected treasures on my walk today.

On the longarm. June 30. 2014

June 30, 2014

Feathers, loops and swirls today:



I need a name!

June 26, 2014

So, if you follow me on Facebook, you’ve already seen this.  But if you aren’t on Facebook, let me introduce you to the newest member of the household:


Isn’t she precious!!!!!   She (yes, a little girl), was found a few night’s back in the neighbor’s wood stack crying.  And the next day the neighbor, who knew I wanted a cat, asked me if I wanted a kitten.  Now, while my DH (dear husband) didn’t really want a cat again due to asthma concerns.  I knew I did, and truly believe it’s not the cat I have an issue with, but the dust that was created when we had our last cat in the semi with us and the litter box in there as well.  So, I said yes, I’d either take “it” as it hadn’t been captured yet, or take it and find it a permanent home.  I lent the neighbor my live trap and the next day she called to let me know they had caught the kitten.


Of course I was leaving for a guild event and wouldn’t be able to pick “her” (as she thought it was a female) up until that evening.  Then events conspired so that I didn’t get her until this morning.  Well, it took all of 10 seconds for her to start purring when I picked her up and my heart to melt!  Totally and completely MELT!!!!!  She’s so soft and loveable!


I called the vet and made an appointment for her to have a checkup and estimate how old she is for this afternoon, then got out the only thing I could transport her in to the vets, one of my rabbit transport cages!

She’s so tiny!   She almost looked lost in there!  And yes, she has a quilt, one that was languishing on the shelves and had been there for many years.  Did I mention she’s tiny?  she weighs 2lbs, 4 oz!  that’s it!  Less than 3 pounds!  The vet believes her to be between 6-8 weeks old and probably a dump.  Sigh…..don’t get me started on that issue!


I really expected her to be frightened at the vets, but she amazed me.  She laid in my lap and started playing with her tail:


So now she needs a name.  I have a few in mind, but am going to wait until DH sees her (and inevitably falls in love with her because she’s just too adorable to resist!) and then we’ll come up with a name for her.  But, in the meantime, I’m taking any and all suggestions!

And yes, she has found her forever home!  Surprise, surprise…… we all know I’m a big softie when it comes to animals!


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